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The idea for 'The Foundation Guys' came about after dealing with repeated foundation problems at one of our rental properties.  It seemed that no matter how many times we tried, we were never able to get the tenants to properly water the foundation in the hot Texas summer, and you know what that means...

A few years ago we had piers installed at a cost of over $10,000.  We were told that they had a lifetime warranty, but guess what?  The warranty only covers the installed piers if there is further movement. What happens if the house now needs piers on the other side?  You guessed it, we pay!  Plus, we had to pay for adjustments to each pier. To add insult to injury, the whole mess could have been avoided had the tenants only watered the foundation like they were supposed to. But wait a second, "how bout those watering restrictions?", says the tenant.  Now we've also got plumbing issues to deal with, yeah.

The Foundation Guys is a service of Metro-Spec Property Services, owned by John McMahon.  I've been a Professional Real Estate Inspector here in Texas for 3 years.  As an inspector, I am required to render a professional opinion on the performance of every foundation that I inspect.   I'm always amazed at the number of homes that have foundation problems as a direct result of neglect. As a result, millions of dollars in home equity are lost every year.  Just think, who really wants to purchase a home with known foundation problems?

Needless to say, keeping your foundation properly maintained can be a real hassle. There are many variables that have to be considered and most people just don't know what to do.  Not to mention that most of the local municipalities have permanently extended their watering restrictions.  Now what?  Call The Foundation Guys, we can help.

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