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We know that you never have enough time or money to take care of everything around the house with kids, jobs, activities and spouses to deal with.  We understand.  It's easy to let things like foundation maintenance fall through the cracks till one day you wake up staring at a big crack!  With droughts, record temperatures and watering restrictions to deal with, staying on top of home maintenance can be a full time job.  ​

You've got better things to do.


Whether you have kids in sports & church activities all week or business travel & golf games to keep you busy, no one takes the time to properly maintain their home. Who really wants to spend their weekends going back and forth to The Home Depot anyway?

When it comes to many areas of you home you can manage, however when dealing with your foundation, it doesn't take long in this Texas heat to have a major problem on your hands.  With weather patterns alternating between record summer droughts and record rainfall, foundations are taking a beating. No wonder we hear so many ads for foundation repair companies.


It's more complicated than you think.


Trying to make decisions on how to best manage the many variables that affect the health of your foundation can be daunting.  Soil composition, moisture content, atmospheric conditions, watering system, rainfall, trees, flower beds, shrubbery, tree roots, drainage, grading, gutters, and the list goes on.  Understanding how all of these variables are interrelated is critical to achieving success.

We not only understand how to pull all of these variables together, we also know how to put together a system that best protects your home.  And to top it off, we don't disappear after installation.  We return on a routine schedule to make sure that your system is working properly and to monitor your home's foundation.

You can't afford to not do it.


Foundation repair can get expensive FAST.  Installation of piers can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the problem.  This is why preventive maintenance is critical.  Even if you already have slight settling of your foundation, it is possible that re-hydrating of the soil can correct it.  If not, the sooner you install corrective measures, piers, the better.  Delaying will only cost you more money.

After installation of piers, it is critical to maintain proper moisture content in your soil. In fact, most foundation repair warranties require that you properly maintain your foundation.  The Foundation Guys are here to help. 

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    (4 visits/yr)



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The Fine Print:

Quoted pricing is for up to 200 ft. of drip line installation.  Drip line coverage over 200 ft. will incur additional charges.

​Labor for installation of sidewalk sleeves is additional.

Annual service includes the following scheduled visits:

Spring service - system set-up, flush & test, foundation inspection, photo documentation 

Summer/fall service - 2 visits - system check, calibration, foundation inspection, photo documentation

Winter service -  system winterization, foundation inspection

Maintenance service annual cost - $299

We recommend our full service to ensure proper foundation maintenance year round, however we do offer 

installation only pricing for homeowners wishing to purchase only a Foundation Shield system.



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