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You've got grandkids who are calling your name, don't you want to come out and play?  Don't get caught up with all of the unimportant chores in life, enjoy yourself.  The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your foundation is being properly maintained.  Seniors over age 65 always receive a 20% discount.  ​

Get out and enjoy life.


Most of us feel overwhelmed, but as we get older this can become more of a problem.  Ever feel like you are never caught up on all of your chores?  As we age, it's easy to let life start to slip by, don't let that happen, get out and meet new people, spend time with your kids and grandkids. 

We understand the issues faced by seniors when trying to manage the many challenges related to home upkeep and maintenance.  Many contractors are happy to make a sale and disappear.  At The Foundation Guys, our goal is to build a long term relationship with all of our customers. 


But, don't let your home suffer.


Trying to make decisions on how to best manage the many variables that affect the health of your foundation can be daunting.  Soil composition, moisture content, atmospheric conditions, watering system, rainfall, trees, flower beds, shrubbery, tree roots, drainage, grading, gutters, and the list goes on.  Understanding how all of these variables are interrelated is critical to achieving success.

We not only understand how to pull all of these variables together, we also know how to put together a system that best protects your home.  And to top it off, we don't disappear after installation.  We return on a routine schedule to make sure that your system is working properly and to monitor your home's foundation.

Get your Fast, Free Estimate Now and Save 20%!

- Evaluation


- Installation


- Maintenance
    (4 visits/yr)



with online                 estimate

The Fine Print:

Quoted pricing is for up to 200 ft. of drip line installation.  Drip line coverage over 200 ft. will incur additional charges.​Labor for installation of sidewalk sleeves is additional.


Must be 65 or older to qualify for senior pricing.

Annual service includes the following visits:

Spring service - system set-up, flush & test, foundation inspection, photo documentation 

Summer/fall service - 2 visits - system check, calibration, foundation inspection, photo documentation

Winter service - system winterization, foundation inspection

Renewal fee $299/year.

We recommend our full service to ensure proper foundation maintenance year round, however we do offer
installation only pricing for homeowners wishing to purchase only a Foundation Shield system.


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