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Are water restrictions hurting your foundation?

Lack of adequate moisture can quickly lead to foundation problems and with the  summer heat, it's easy to let the soil around your foundation dry out. With watering restrictions limiting lawn watering to as little as 2 days per month, thousands of foundations are suffering. It doesn't take long to have a real problem. Foundation repair costs can easily hit $10,000, who can afford that?


Say goodbye to soaker hoses, our Foundation Shield system works without all of the hassles.

Most experts will tell you to use soaker hoses around your foundation, which is good, the problem is that people fail to set them up properly leading to more problems.  Our Foundation Shield system will keep the moisture levels in your soil consistent, greatly reducing soil expansion/contraction.  We only use commercial grade subsurface drip line and we guarantee the performance of our system.  We will also monitor your foundation for movement, providing detailed information which can be used to address issues before they cost you thousands. 


Our goal is to help you avoid costly foundation repairs by properly maintaining your foundation and the soil underneath.  We accomplish this with The Foundation Guys 3 step process.  

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1.    ASSESS

First, we do a baseline assessment of your foundation using a high precision altimeter. This will clearly identify any areas of heaving or settlement in your foundation.  We then document any visible evidence of settlement or foundation cracking with photos.  We also evaluate the water management system including gutters, grading and drainage.  


We install our Foundation Shield  moisture control system that is tailored to the needs of your foundation.  Our installation process guarantees that your soil will be maintained at the proper moisture level which ensures that the foundation is adequately supported.


We are committed to helping you avoid costly foundation repairs.  We accomplish this by continuing to monitor and assist you with proper foundation maintenance.  During our scheduled follow-up visits we check for proper soil moisture, make necessary adjustments and maintain the system during the changing seasons.  At the end of the year, we fully winterize the system and in the spring we return to get everything ready for another hot Texas summer.  Once per year, a follow up assessment can be done to determine if there has been movement of the foundation.


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