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Is your home at risk?

Have you ever noticed all of the advertising for foundation repair?  You can't turn on the radio or TV without hearing an ad for a company wanting to install piers under your home and "save you money".  Foundation repair in Texas is big business, thousands of homes fall victim to our expansive clay soils every year. But, did you know that most of these problems can be avoided?



The vast majority of foundation problems are caused by improper maintenance which creates inconsistent moisture levels in the soil under your home.  Expansive clay soils, so prevalent in Texas, constantly shrink and swell depending on atmospheric conditions.  The secret to avoiding foundation problems is to consistently maintain the moisture content of the soil around your home, yeah, sounds easy, right?

Sounds easy, but not many homeowners get it right, that's where we come in.  The Foundation Guys will help you avoid costly repairs with our proven moisture control system and maintenance program.  Before you spend thousands on foundation repair, call The Foundation Guys, we'll get it right.



Most homeowners don't know how to properly maintain their home's foundation which leads to many costly repairs. Drainage, lawn grading, watering, temperature, rainfall, gutters, trees, shrubbery are all factors in your foundation's health.  What's the current status of your foundation system?


Tenants today think nothing at all about neglecting to water and the resulting damage to your property. We protect your investment and insure against costly repairs which, when it comes to foundation repair, can wipe out multiple years worth of rental profits in today's rental market.   

Worrying about whether the foundation on your home is being properly maintained is the last thing you should be doing. We offer a generous 20% discount to seniors so can spend your time doing things you enjoy instead of dealing with deteriorating soaked hoses that don't work well anyway.



We first determine the current status of your foundation by closely examining how it is performing. We take elevation measurements and document instances of misalignment and settlement cracking.  Drainage is scored and all evidence of ponding and poor water management are noted. Gutters are assessed for adequate coverage and performance.  This information informs the next step installation of the Foundation Shield watering system. 


Installation of the system involves burying the subsurface drip system and setting up the solar powered automatic controller that operates the system. Installation can usually be done in 4-5 hours depending on the size of the home. On average, a 2,000 square foot home will take about 4 hours.  Upon completion of the installation, the system is programed and calibrated to the specifications of the watering plan tailored to the specific soil needs of the house.


Perhaps the most important feature of our service is The Foundation Guys 'No Worries' maintenance program.  We provide our customers with 4 maintenance visits per year.  During the summer we make two visits to inspect and test the system and make any necessary adjustments. Late year, usually in December, we stop by to winterize the system.  With arrival of spring we return to get the system going for another year, flush it out and check for any repairs needed to the drip line. 

Get a Fast, Free Estimate Now!

After installation of the system I've really enjoyed not having to worry about whether or not my foundation is getting the proper amount of water. It's also been nice not to have to lug water hoses around and remember to turn them on and off.  Thanks Foundation Guys!

Jerry M, Garland, TX

The Foundation Guys have saved me both money and time with my rental properties.  Not having to wonder whether or not my tenants are taking care of their foundations this summer is something I'm really looking forward to.  I can't afford to repair another foundation.


Bill C, Plano, TX

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